Stephan Pemberton's evaluation of Boys Hope Girls of New York


Search Engine Optimization

Boys Hope Girls of New Yorksreenshot of Boys Hope Girls HopeI feel that the website can improve its search engine optimization. When searching for the term “urban boarding program” in Google, the URL places 16th or is the sixth option of the second page in google search. When searching the term “urban residential high school” does not even place in the first four pages. When searching the term, “Brooklyn boarding program” in an attempt to narrow the search results geographically, bhghny does not even place in the first four pages. Since BHGHNY is one of the very few urban boarding programs in New York City, should be ranking high for these terms. Furthermore, the title tag is not very descriptive, which can have a negative effect for search engine crawlers. The title tag “Home - Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York”, is simply the name of the organization and does not offer any indication to the function of the organization. Examples of alternative title tags can be, “BHGHNY - Urban Residential Program”, “BHGHNY - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty”. The former title tag example offers a functional description of the organization that has better utility than just the name of the organization, while the latter title tag example offers an emotionally appealing title that identifies with the mission of the organization.

Visual Appeal

The site can also improve its visual appeal. Although the site does shine a light on the scholars and recent events, it is very text heavy. There is an inundation of quotes that may not appeal to viewers who will most likely scan through the page and are not hung up on each and every word. The website opted to incorporate a design in which white colored text comes to the foreground, while pictures of the scholars are used as the background. This type of style isn’t consistent throughout the page. It the photographic background switches off with a standard white background. This switch gives the impression that the homepage is a never-ending cluster of content. Once again, this makes the website overwhelming for searchers with very short attention spans. A possible to the solution would be to transfer content that is not directly tied to the mission of the program to other relevant pages on the website. This would free up the clutter on the the destination URL specifically. Also, the photos are very dim hard to see. I feel the dim visibility of the images greatly underscores the impact the images can have on viewers. The dimness may have been implemented as a contrasting element for the white colored text on top of the images. I don’t think this is essential to a page that is already overflowing with text. If keeping the text is essential then I suggest that the text be placed above or beneath the image rather than in front of the image.